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Friday, June 24, 2005


UN Sec Council

I'm unastonished to find a good bit of the Spectrum in agreement with me. What I did find surprising is that apparently some of the nice Congress Critters agree as well. We do need to either break the UN down to the bedrock and rebuild it, or simply leave it. Unfortunately, neither of those things is going to happen anytime soon. We do pay in dues twenty-two percent of the UN's general budget, which is by far a larger share than any other nation. Sadly, the Security Council is simply to important to ignore, after the vaccination and educational suborganizations of the UN, it maybe the only part worth paying attention to. So who do I pick for the role? Japan has to be considered a strong favorite. However much it would antagonize China, they do make vast contributions to the UN, and are stable country with a much better human rights history than places like Mexico, Iran, China or Zimbabwe. India doesn't appear to do much outside their borders and I don't see that changing. Brazil is another possibility, but again, they don't do much and don't have an economic pot to piss in. What I'd like to see is a seat with veto powers that rotated between a few nations, specifically: Turkey, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Israel, and perhaps one or two others every 18 months. I really hold very little respect for most of the UN's activities, but this is one of the slots we can't ignore.

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