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Thursday, July 07, 2005


The Death Penalty

What crimes are horrific enough to warrant the death penalty?

  • Rape.
  • Serial molestation of children.
  • Murder (1st degree)
  • Treason.
Those four in my opinion are non negotiable. The penalty should be applied to the convicted only in the event of DNA or other hard evidence that is very difficult to tamper with. Other crimes may warrant the death penalty, but I'm not going to push for them. I do also think that executions should be public, hanging, firing squads or quick methods of beheading like a guillotine or axe.

Monday, July 04, 2005


Question of the week.

There are so many sides to this issue I'm hoping we'll get a great discussion this week.

When, if ever, should the death penalty be applied?

For example should it be applied in cases of rape? Armed robbery? First degree murder? Inventing a reality show?

Sunday, July 03, 2005


Eminent Domain

The question of 'when' is not a simple one. How does one define 'public good'? Is getting rid of a single family home on four acres of land 'good' if one putting up a strip mall, how about a hospital? For me, I'm not really comfortable with any use of eminent domain. Using it to line the pockets of a developer for a project that is not a public works undertaking is wrong. For a municipally owned hospital, for a utility facility, public school, city infrastructure such as police or fire department, those are acceptable, if regrettable, but those things do actually benefit more than just the person building them, and the person whose palms the builder crosses with some silver.