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Saturday, April 16, 2005


Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself...

Hello to all. I’m Miserable Fornow (Mis) and Casual Observer has asked me to join in on what sounds like wonderful fun, exploring the limits of the mental faculties possessed by those who enjoy political/social analysis, well-sourced arguments, punditry and occasional humor within the political/cultural/social realm, so please allow me to provide you with a short bio in order to establish my modest credentials—or lack thereof, depending upon your point of view.
I’m 45 and live within a boulder’s throw of Lake Tahoe. I am a graduate of the country’s “greatest party school” (according to Playboy magazine), receiving my BA in Sociology (the ever-popular “would you like fries with that?” degree) and my Master’s in Political Science/Public Administration at California State University, Chico. Currently I perform independent program audits and specialize in government compliance issues for healthcare higher education and nonprofit organizations.
I began studying political science in earnest about eight years ago and recently started a blog—A Political Misery—about a month ago to vent some pent-up anger and extreme frustration while also voicing my opinion about our current political situation here and abroad. A quick perusal of that blog may provide the distinct impression that I am an acerbic, hard-left liberal who doesn’t much care for our current political situation or those who have initiated it, and that opinion would be more than partially correct. I will not be quite as…”acidly outspoken” here but would also point out that while I do indeed exhibit numerous liberal tendencies, because I have spent a great deal of time studying and working within our federal (and occasionally the California and Nevada state) government, I’m not so idealistic, ignorant and naive as to think all things can be corrected by spending more money and adding additional heft to government entities. Although I may disagree with a large portion of the Republican/conservative platform, they, and most other parties, all have individual elements that appeal to me and no one party is even close to having all the answers, at least in my humble opinion.
I analyze, critique and vote with my conscience and my mind, and I am not committed to any one political group in particular, although the Green Party probably has the ideals and goals I would most closely identify with, at least right this moment. I am absolutely a moral/ethical relativist who subscribes to the concept of utilitarianism, tempered with Kant’s concept of the categorical imperative; in essence, I allow others to do as they please so long as it doesn’t infringe upon my own right to do the same, and I try to conduct myself in a manner that best reflects how I would like to be treated in a reverse situation (this doesn’t always occur as much as it should, but I try).
Frankly, like so many others, I am simply sick and tired of being lied to, manipulated, and deceived by those who pretend to represent us, and I believe we’ve got major social, political and global issues that will take all of us, progressives, conservatives, and everyone else in-between, to both identify and rectify.
I look forward to participating with individuals holding all points of view because, after all, that is what makes America such a great place, yes? I expect to be called on mistakes if I make them and have no problem in admitting I’m wrong—when I am.
One final note: I too have a large dose of “real-life” responsibilities currently absorbing the majority of my free time, and the remaining seconds are reserved for my lovely and wonderful partner, who is exceptionally considerate of my work demands. She is far less considerate of my “chatting” on the internet when my plate is as full as it currently is, so for about the next two weeks I’ll be less active here in the forum than I would perhaps like to be.
After that, well… Let the fun begin.

Thursday, April 14, 2005


Two new faces

Well, i've tracked down to more posters, and we should be getting ready to launch in a week or two.