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Thursday, July 14, 2005


More Rove-ian Knights

Should Rove stay or go?

Its actually pretty easy to answer: It depends.

It looks pretty clearly as if he did leak this information, and intentionally so from the scattered info I've read, to the news. Why he did so is of course open for debate, but that it was done is not in question at all. If he did do so, he needs to be removed swiftly from office. His 'alleged' leak is dangerous, and destructive to US intelligence gathering ability. While I could go on, and on, and on about the potential risk to the life of Plame and her family, that is almost secondary, and has been done before by others with bigger axes to grind. Outing an operative, for whatever reason, is clearly criminal. It risks the life of someone every bit as expensively trained as one of our frontline troops, and every bit as vitally needed to protect American lives.

If on the other hand he's not actually guilty, and this is simply another "Rathergate", let the man get back to pulling Pinocchio's strings.

Monday, July 11, 2005


Topic: Should he stay or should he go

Since i managed to forget a topic, I'll steal Ryan's.

Should Rove stay or go?


Karl Rove: Whats Your Thoughts

I know this isn't a topic for this week, but with the recent chatter about the role Rove played in the leaked cover of a CIA agent. This was a letter I received through the newsletter written by Kerry himself:

Dear Ryan,
Less than two weeks ago, you signed a petition joining members of the community in calling for Karl Rove to be fired for his deliberate attempt to, once again, use the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks to divide America. Now Karl Rove is embroiled in another controversy concerning the leaked identity of a covert CIA agent, which Bush Administration senior officials said was done to punish her husband, a man who had the courage to tell the truth about manipulated intelligence in Iraq.
Karl Rove is the President's top advisor in the White House and what he has admitted doing has deep and troubling consequences for our national security.
Just today the President spoke at Quantico praising our soldiers and the employees of the FBI, CIA, and DEA for their work rooting out terrorism.
He told them, "Your work is difficult. It is dangerous. I want you to know how much your country appreciates you, and so do I."
But at the same time the President was saying these words, it was becoming clear that his top advisor was involved in exposing a CIA agent in the name of politics by telling reporters about her work - making her already dangerous job that much more dangerous.
In order to do what the President called on us to do today - "continue to take the fight to the enemy" - the White House and Karl Rove must stop taking it to their so-called political enemies here at home.
It's perfectly clear that Rove - the person at the center of the slash and burn, smear and divide tactics that have come to characterize the Bush Administration - has to go.
The problem is that, instead of protecting the American people from real threats to our security, this Administration spends its time protecting Karl Rove. That's not leadership.
They're doing their best to brush off this new Rove controversy as just another political story, but this time they are having a harder time getting away with it. That's why, if we raise our voices now, we can really make a difference. Please ask all your friends to sign our "Fire Rove" petition today:
Despite carefully worded denials, it is now apparent that Karl Rove discussed the identity of an undercover CIA agent with a reporter. His clear aim was to discredit that agent's husband who had dared to challenge the Administration in the buildup to the war.
There appears to be no limit to the lengths to which Rove - and this Administration - will go. But, there is a limit to the patience of the American people - and we have reached it. President Bush has a choice to make: Spend the months ahead focused on protecting Karl Rove's job security or spend them focused on protecting America's national security.
We are asking the President and the White House to do what they promised. When the scandal first broke, here's what the President's spokesman, Scott McClellan, said:
"If anyone in this Administration was involved in it, they would no longer be in this Administration." (9/29/03, White House press briefing). Now we will find out if the Administration is good to its word. Call on President Bush to keep his word and fire Rove now:
It's as simple as this: We need President Bush and his White House staff to focus on finally taking action necessary to avoid a quagmire in Iraq. The American people can't afford to wait while the White House spends its time and energy defending a top presidential aide's dangerous political shenanigans.
What the President does in the days ahead will speak volumes. He'll either make good on his promise to hold accountable those who shared the identity of a secret soldier in the war on terror - or he'll prove that promise hollow.
We now know that Karl Rove "was involved" in a breach of national security. Decency - and the interests of the American people - demand an end to Karl Rove's days in the White House. It's time for you to demand it as well.
I urge you to take action right now.
John Kerry

I was interested to see if any of you agree or disagree with this?