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Wednesday, June 01, 2005


The Sudan

What should the US role in Sudan's Darfur situation be?

Whatever our role is, our approach should be cautious. I would honestly like to see us give the honest elements of the Sudan Government a shove in the right direction without sending in the troops we currently don't have to spare. Much as I see potential for this cesspit as the next breeding ground for terrorist attacks on America and her citizens interests, they aren't there, yet. Further their government is at least making attempts to clean up their own nest, unlike Saddam, and the Taliban. If we are forced to go in with military assets, I would like to see the nations we've most recently reformed with the sword contribute troops that we led, and supplied as part of the repayment for our efforts aid them. This would serve multiple purposes: Introduce the new governments and militaries of Iraq and Afghanistan to the world as legitimate and allow us not to lose as many lives.

And where should we stand on outside intervention? With the United Nations, with the African Union, or should we just leave it alone?

The UN's record is so sad that I don't think its the proper group to intervene in a tavern brawl, much less the longest running civil war in Africa. The African Union on the other hand has no real track record. They are historically speaking brand spanking new. Speaking as someone who finds our presence in the UN objectionable, I'd rather side with the AU if there is going to be an outsider at the table. At best we'll find they can handle it without us pushy Americans, at worst we'll know we can't trust them either.

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