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Friday, June 10, 2005



What are the duties of American Citizenship?

  • Vote. Preferably in an informed fashion. But definitely vote, in any political landscape if you don't speak up you don't count.
  • Uphold and defend the Constitution. This doesn't mean everyone needs to join the military. This just means we need vote not only against laws that are unconstitutional, but we need to eradicate the presence of those who propose unconstitutional laws from our government.
  • Self sufficiency. When ever possible you should count on yourself and do as much for yourself as possible. This include settling disputes without involving the police if it can be done, it includes raising your children so that they don't become wards of the state or common criminals, and it also includes working if you can. Not if it's convenient, not if you want to but if you can. Man, woman, black, white, latino, asian, immigrant, native or extra terrestrial.]
  • Non Harm. This is both a simple and complex one. Some people seem to think they are harmed by legal life styles they don't agree with being mentioned, ever. In my opinion they need to grow up. Non harm means don't steal, don't molest children, break peoples windows, or lie about them to cause them difficulties among other things. In short don't physically, financially, or legally cause others damage, there are some levels of emotional harm that can be avoided, but since a joke that J'Myle might laugh hysterically might make Derek go all foamy about the mouth this is a hard one to quantify.
And that's just about it for duties, beyond these anything else is purely up to the individual.

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