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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


What the blank should we do about the Sudan?

The Saints preserve me, I don't know.

I know what I want to do. I want to give every retired farmer with even a modicum of teaching skills who understands the concept and actually practiced crop rotation a rifle company, a dozen small tractors, sufficient seed for a quarter section for three planting seasons and enough logistical support and ancillary equipment to do the job and last that long.
For every four farmers I would send a mortar company. For every eight farmers I would send a company of cannon cockers. For every 32 farmers I would send a tank platoon. For every 128 an engineering battalion. For ever 512 I would send a medical unit sufficient for a division under heavy continuous fire. For every 1024 I would send a wing of A10s. For every 4096 I would send a carrier task force. For every 16,384 I would have to start worrying as all we have left to defend the US is the Coasties and and part of the Air Force.

If we can't do that send in sufficient SF and sniper squads to cap the 100 worst people in the Sudan Simultaneously every month. An hour before they are scheduled to die do a huge leaflet drop announcing their names from a wing of Buffasaurases. repeat every month until a modicum peace falls over the land. Then bring in the food and farm equipment.

I don't lay any hope for diplomatic and philanthropic solutions for Africa. It doesn't last and usually ends up in the hands of the villains.

I wish there were better solutions.

Nice site. I've added you guys to my roll.
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