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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Relaxation of Immigration Standards: Not My Cup of Tea

First of all let me preface anything I say by noting that we are all immigrants, even if your heritage is Native American, your family would have immigrated from Asia across the Berring Straight. I feel with this said, the issue of restricting someone else's access to this country becomes difficult...because what if your ancestors had been restricted?

I think as of late, Democrats and Republicans alike are pressing for tighter immigration policies and tightening the actual borders themselves. Personally, I am for this, because of the negative effects immigration is starting to have on the economy. When cheaper labor comes in from Mexico, U.S. citizens loose their jobs and are placed on welfare and S.S. for their children which ultimately takes money out of other Americans Pockets. These cheap laborers *usually* take the money back home and the U.S. ends up loosing the money that would have been spend in its borders.

I think recently with the terrorist attacks occuring and the questions revolving around global terrorism, that it is time we shut the doors. I feel quotas would help protect the United States' economic and national security concerns by limiting the number of immigrants to the county. I am apalled that some of the 9/11 terrorists actually were here in the United States on expired Visas and a few even held driver's liscenses in the States of New Jersey and New York. Hopefully I am not the only person who feels that someone who is not a legal U.S. Citizen should not have the right to have a drivers liscense. And when a visa expires...shouldnt these people be forced to either have the visa renewed or leave the country? Why are there so many cases of people being in limbo as to their status in this country. My Proposal: Totally Revamp Immigration Policies and create a deparment in the governmen that overseas Immigration and Naturalization Policy and Legislation. I am not sure as to which department this falls under but with the recent problems with these issues, I feel it needs to have a larger light in gov't.

Welcome to the insane asylum, um Team. :)
Not to get pedantic right off the bat but two things.

You can not have the Excutive branch have a department in charge of legislation.

The INS and Homeland Security is already in charge of those things
Um, Homeland Security is part of the exec branch you silly man.
mabye its just wishful
I admit it was badly phrased. Hopefully everyone could figure out the intent.
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