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Wednesday, May 18, 2005



The path we are currently treading with respect to immigration leads, literally, to the de facto destruction of the United States as a country. We have laws regulating immigration and naturalization, but we are not enforcing them. All sorts of crazy rulings from dictators in black robes have not made the situation any better. Combine that with the Bush administration’s apparent unwillingness to enforce our current laws and we are on a trajectory to losing our very country. A country that cannot (or does not) control its borders is simply not a country.

So what needs to be done? As has been stated in the two previous responses, enforce the existing laws. If they are too restrictive, have an open and public debate in both Houses of Congress and, if need be, change the laws.

This will only happen, however, if politicians find enough backbone to take the chance that they might piss of people in this country of Mexican descent (or Latino descent in general). They're so afraid of losing votes to the other side that they are willing to keep our borders dangerously porous.

Since I have no particular faith that our pols are going to suddenly calcify vertebrae, the alternative is that we need to have a serious swing in public opinion/culture. Currently we are turning into a country of wimpy crybabies. Somehow many people have gotten to thinking that simply by being born they are entitled to something for nothing. They think that money grows on the Tree of Government and that there's plenty, not only for them as citizens of the US but also for anyone who wants to break our laws and sneak across the border. It absolutely floors me that anyone who is legally a citizen of the United States of America would be angry at a politician for securing our borders. That is not discrimination against Mexicans. That is fulfilling their oath.

What will it take to affect this swing in public opinion? I used to think that it would take a horrendous attack within the borders of our country. 3,000 dead didn't do the trick for more than a week or so. I shudder to think what it might actually take.

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