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Tuesday, February 15, 2005


While we were waiting...

The House was debating.

And unfortunately it appears that the US House is populated by "those who would give up an essential freedom...". Let's hope the Senate has a little more vision.

I'm just curious, what was this video clip supposed to prove?

And why did the gun go off twice? At most it should have gone off once - twice was on purpose.

Did you notice that the gun wielding idiot fell full length FACE DOWN? Anybody ever trip like that without using your arms to brace yourself not to mention dropping whatever article you had in your hands?

Take another look at his feet - one foot? The mechanics of that type of fall are not full length, but a stumble to knees first.

Is there a point here?
This is kind of random. But on the left side of your website, you have a link to 4-H and I thought you should know that the 4-H website is really

Thought you'ld like to know, so you could fix that!
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