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Sunday, January 23, 2005


Week Six Question

With Michael Powell stepping down, this question seems natural.

Where does the line for censorship need to be drawn?

You asked the wrong question.

With Michael Powell stepping down, will we be better off with a non-activist, more regulatory FCC?

The answer is of course we will. Michael Powell is an idiot. And I don't mean for the "censorship" thing. Broadcast standards have been the pervue of the FCC since it's founding and it has the right to do what it does in that regard.

Why the FCC, and as a by-product of Powell's incompetance, will be better is simple - we will be well rid of somebody who views the "Main Stream Media" combining print and broadcast (broadcast meaning radio and TV) as a good thing. Powell's sole purpose in his FCC role was to make that happen. The fact the Powell was largely responsible for the creation of MSM seems to travel right over everybody's head.

Powell's single minded pursuit of the New York Times company owning everything related to media in every major city in the country is not commendable.

Society determines the level of censorship it is most comfortable with. It really wasn't Michael Powell's "thing".
Interesting comment. I'm pondering that.

Mike wanted a long, elaborate reply, but I will keep mine terse.

The line on censorship should be drawn straight through any proposal endorsing it, before it reaches a vote.

The FCC should stick to ensuring transmitters have available bandwidth and don't overlap each others' areas. All else is intrusion.
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