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Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Response To James

Here’s my response to James (related posts by me, James 1 and 2).

I realize very well that “the” government does not directly run public schools. I also realize, however, that government money (by which I mean my money and your money) always comes with strings attached. On top of that, the government’s unwillingness to face down “the” Teachers’ Union has lead to a noncompetitive situation. Why? Well, as you say the Teachers’ Union is a private institution. The problem is that it is a private institution that has a goal that is not the education of children. Rather, their goal is the continued and ever-improving employment of teachers. I have no problem with the concept of a Teachers’ Union. There are lots of unions in the country and they all have various benefits and drawbacks. This one has a particular advantage in that they have gained so much power by lobbying “the” government, who controls the $$, that they are causing harm. If the Teachers’ Union were dealing with a private business then the situation would be no different than that of other unions.

I’ve got no problem paying for my (future) children’s’ education. I’m not asking “the” government to give me a thing. I’m only asking that I not have money taken from me (under threat of jail) to subsidize the education of other parent’s children if I’m going to opt out of the system.

When the wishes of the majority of parents in a given community encourage their school board to take a stand in keeping with how they want their children taught and it is smacked down by the courts, it is understandable that parents want an alternative way of educating their children. I posted today on Cobb County, Georgia and the
attempt to teach state mandated evolution theory as not the only approach to the origins of man.
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