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Friday, December 24, 2004


Week 1 TheCO resonds to the QM

Actually QM, most of America does differentiate between you and the current 'leadership' by calling the current yahoo at sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Ave and his ilk "Neo-Cons". In truth, just about everyone who's not pulling the pork of one Neo-Con or another readily admits that the Neo-Cons appear to combine the worst aspects of the 'tax and spend liberals' and the 'Bible or Brimstone conservatives' (see i was a good boy and didn't refer to them as the Religious Reich this time!) . Bush is after all the first President never to veto a spending bill. Even Tubby Teddy the Grand Duke of Kennedyia has voted against a spending bill or two.

He of the splendid Quillage spoke so eruditely:

Actually, while Vlad had a bit of an idea...Radical Islamic
is dangerous...I'm not really a Conservative.

Conservatives, as currently portrayed, and which many of them believe,
keeping God in the Public Square and kicking the ass of the foreign
that screw with us. Now that is not without merit; but my personal
is that the most powerful government should be the one down the street
your house. From that center of government should emanate the care of
_truly_ unfortunate and the dismissal of those that are either
parasites or

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