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Sunday, December 19, 2004


This is how we do it!

The rules

A) One topic per week. Unless something (I decide) is really interesting happens.
B) One post on topic per week. Keep the rebuttals and general debate on target, and short while its on BlogSpectrum. On your own blogs I have no say.
C) Be Civil. To each other, idjit respondents are of course different.
D) Have hard facts to back yourself up. Blithering idjits will be removed.
E) Be specific, if you’re painting the world and using air craft carrier wide rollers I will personally mock your silly ass, repeatedly.
F) Be Civil. To each other, idjit respondents are of course different.
G) When posting put the week number in the title, or first paragraph of your post. For ex “WK 1 Why TheCO is the best blogger alive”
H) I’m the sole (official) judge of who comes to play, but people may be voted off once here.

Strong suggestions:
A) Please link to all the other team members, preferably under a separate header.
B) Please mention BlogSpectrum once or twice a month on your blog.
C) Remind people that I am God.
D) The Web Dominatrixes are Sidial and Politikat, worship them.
E) Notice the fact that I’ve gone with an alphabetic rules system and that if they have to grow too far the fun ends.

I have another Strong Suggestion:Spell check your posts!

(And please do add "Sidial" to them, eh? O:-)
At what to the spell chuckers?
Casual, how do I get the Upload Pictue button to work? I tried last night and it didn't work.
Perhaps take the bold type face off of the comments section, except for the heading? Idjit. =)
I've never gotten it to work, i just save the pick in jpg and drag it into my post. If i were feeling ambitious, i'd email the nice people at blogger, but well i've got real work to avoid....

Blogger won't accept images that aren't already hosted by someone. If you have a picture, upload it to, and copy/paste the html code that the site generates into your post. It should show up with no problems. You can also download and use "Hello" (, which is Blogger's image-uploading program.

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