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Monday, January 03, 2005


Whip-cracking can be so tiring ...

... So I'm going to bed. I have an interview this afternoon, January 3rd, for a programming position. I've only got 13 hours and 22 minutes before I have it, I'm a nervous wreck, and I haven't slept.

But at least now the posts are mostly readable in the FireFox browser, as well as perfect in Internet Explorer. I will be breaking out the whip again once I'm home from my interview, and trying to whip the template into complete shape. (I hate DIV overruns. And browsers which don't support CSS properly. *coughMozillacough*)

So, for the next day or two, expect it to be randomly having problems. I'm still tweaking and fussing. And it's all TheCO's fault, 'cause I said so.

Your Friendly Web Dominatrix,

Sidial the TechnoPest


It has been my experience that the Gecko based browsers are far more standards compliant than IE. The W3C agrees with this statement.

Web standards exist for a reason, and this reason is NOT to be supplanted by some stab in the dark by a bunch of lazy coders that live in and around Redmond. Not saying that you are a lazy coder, just that you should be coding for W3C standards and not worrying about whether or not a certain browser displays your site properly.

Code to the existing standard and the people that work on the browsers will fix the problems with their products. Work arounds and hacks are bad practice.
I happen to be coding in W3C standards. And it still does not show up properly in the NS-type browsers, which is a common complaint amongst the CSS-using web designers. CSS isn't lazy coding, it's very precise coding. But the implementation of CSS1 is hazy, and CSS2 is hit-and-miss. No browsers do it quite right. (I shall add that, as of now, the template is based off of Blogger's provided template, tweaked to add a footer. And it'd been having problems in the NS-type browsers since day one, before I was even asked to add a footer. I had to fix it so it'd be readable in Safari.)

Sorry, but it's a rant button with me. The NS browsers have always been very hit-and-miss with using the different HTML standards, while IE's "laziness" means it's flexible enough to go "Umm. Okay. If you say so ...". Although I'll admit to being surprised about FireFox's problems, I'd heard good things about it's support. And I find ... just the same problems regular NetScape has.

The "lazy coder" argument pops up all the time, and it gets rather annoying. We DO NOT enjoy coding the same thing three different ways, for the same effect! CSS2 is a standard. Netscape-based browsers do not properly support it; Internet Explorer keeps adding support. Perhaps the advantage of being one of M$s babies, but sometimes having too much money is a good thing.

*sigh* Besides, I'm nervous, and ranting as a way to stay sane. Two hours to go.
Actually I've had similar issues with Blogger templates, try one of their flashy new xhtml templates, unless you feel the urge to write your own, in which case good luck trying to get html to display properly in all of the major browsers. Opera, Gecko based, and Konqueror will generally display HTML the way it 'should' be displayed, IE is where I've always had my problems. Microsoft does not follow standards.

How'd the interview go?
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