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Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Local Control

In theory, public schools are controlled at the local level. Yes, the bulk of their funds come from local property taxes. But don't assume that this means the federal government is not asserting control through the Department of Education and the NEA. Comes word today that the president plans to broaden the scope of "No Child Left Behind". Every nickel from the feds comes with a high-tensile string attached.

Are there options? Sure, but as was noted elsewhere, most Americans either can't afford private school tuitions or don't feel up to the challenge of home schooling. My point, which I didn't make sufficiently clear in my initial post, was that parents with children in public school must stay involved in their childrens' education--something most teachers welcome.

We're blessed to live in an area where about 95% of the parents show up for conferences with their kids' teachers. We're happy with the education our daughter is getting. But don't think for a minute we wouldn't have pulled her out of the government school in a heartbeat if we felt otherwise.

That's not paranoia. That's taking responsibility for my child instead of leaving her education to the government.

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