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Friday, January 21, 2005


Just a Jump to the Left

The CO says:
On social issues, [the Republican Party] has steadily drifted further and further right.
No it hasn't. The Republican Party is more liberal than it's ever been. True conservatives, which used to make up the bulk of the Republican Party, were crying for the dismantling of the Department of Education twenty years ago. Now it's not even considered, and "No Child Left Behind" is a centerpiece of the Bush presidency.

Look ahead to '08: The leading presidential possibilities for the Republican Party-- Giuliani, Rice, and Schwarzenegger (assuming the little matter of the Constitution is addressed)--are all pro-aborts. That's a drift to the right?

The Democratic Party's wild tilt to the radical left fringe beginning in the late '60s has allowed the Republicans move left with them to occupy the deserted middle. Without any real conservative running, though, religious conservatives like me have little choice. It comes down to a big government, pro-interventionist, pro-abort or a big government, pro-interventionist, pro-lifer.

The biggest difference between the parties is in the area of religious faith. Rod Dreher of the Dallas Morning News wrote a fascinating piece on this trend:
Survey data from the 1992 national conventions show how thoroughly polarized the parties had by that time become around religious orientation. Only 20 percent of white Democratic delegates ... went to religious services at least once a month, while over three times that number of white Republican delegates did.
Until that trend changes, which will require some major changes in the Democratic Party platform, the Democrats are going to find it increasingly difficult to put a candidate in the White House.

Meanwhile, the Republicans are free to continue aggravating true conservatives, behaving like Roosevelt Democrats and spending us into eternal debt service.

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