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Thursday, December 23, 2004


Question for the Mods

Just a quick question for Casual or any of the Web Dominatrixes. What is the preferred posting etiquette for replies to an original post? I ask for a few reasons.

1) The bold typeface in the comments section is a bit hard to read, especially when quoting someone else to post a rebuttal. But I don't want to take all my responses into the public forum and clutter up the blog. What would you prefer? Keeping the debate in the comments? Or bringing it out for all to see?

2) Has anyone considered a commenting system, like HaloScan or something similar? It might be easier to debate with something that's a bit more user friendly that the default Blogger commenting section.

3) Are you resetting the main page week by week? If the blog will be archived every 7 days or so, then posting everything publicly won't be that big an issue, and there will be less clutter.

Just a few things on my mind.


Block quote is probably better. I don't much care, but it will set the quoted text off a bit better. And for the geeky who use wireless devices to check in when they should be working... well it looks 'neater'. Anywho I'm usually only an authoratarian bastard when it comes to people not being civil...
I have not yet looked into Haloscan, although I know TCO had some problems when he installed it on his blog (it deleted all the previous comments). If anyone has any suggestions on commenting systems, I would love to check them out.

Currently we are set to archive every 9 days.
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