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Saturday, December 18, 2004


Mothers, lock up your daughters

Greetings! Casual asked me to drop in and write a quick intro before the savage work week begins again, and that's what I'm here to do.

I am The Cunning Linguist, and I have a really nifty banner that I will use everytime I post. Yes, I am an attention whore.

I believe that I will be one of the folks representing Left Field. For the record, I am a registered Independant, and prefer to disassociate myself with any political party, for numerous reasons.

1) No party can go longer than 3 or 4 days without doing something completely asinine, and that's too high of a stupidity:intelligence ratio for me.

2) I can't fully pledge allegiance to a organization or group that I don't believe in 100%. I'm picky. So sue me.

3) When the hard-core nutjobs come out of the woodworks, I can honestly say "That idiot doesn't represent my views", and not have to worry about being pigeon-holed into a certain demographic.

Now, although I may see more eye-to-eye with the liberal Democrats, please don't lump me in with Michael Moore, Al Franken, Bill Maher or anyone else that The Right likes to use as a stereotype for all liberals. While they are intelligent people, and I do agree with some of the things they say, I also think that they're jackasses. If you absolutely must label me, then I'll take Jon Stewart.

In return, I promise that I will not hold the G.O.P. responsible for hateful bigots like Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh or anyone else that The Left likes to use as a stereotype for all conservative Republicans. I know that they don't necessarily represent all you Red Staters (with the exception of homo-hating Mississippi). I will, however, still hold the Religious Right accountable for Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, as well as anyone affiliated with the 700 Club or the PTC. Without them, I wouldn't have as much humorous material to write about.

I prefer to argue more for common sense. I believe that homosexuals, women, blacks and even Bill O'Reilly are all human beings, and should not be denied the right to do anything that the straight, white male can do. I believe morals have no place in government, because not everyone has the same moral code. I believe in rational debate, before childish name-calling. I prefer not to take myself too seriously, and interject my posts with humor. And I really don't care about who is irked by Christmas displays on government buildings.

I also tend to be long winded, I'm going to end this post by seeing J'myle's chipmunk, and raising him a water-skiing squirrel.


Modest AND consice!! Sweeeeeeeet!
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