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Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Biggest threat?

You want just one?

As an immigrant, the threat I've always feared the most is the, "Well, they do XX in Smulgaria, therefore we should, too! That it works there proves it's good, quid pro quo!"

Actually, no. Unless you can prove X works well in a constitutional republic composed of idealistic individualists, you aren't even on the same page.

Also, the person claiming X is frequently picking a special circumstance and ignoring others. There are few guns in Japan, and a very low violent crime rate. There are few in the UK, and triple the violent crime rate of the US. There are lots in Israel and Switzerland, and crime in both is near zero (discounting terror and war in Israel as being beyond the scope of typical crime an individual can have any control over).

Whether it's speech, defense, taxes, vehicles, the environment, I really don't give a crap how it's done in the Third World, which I define as anywhere outside the US and Canada. And before you get pissed off, I was born and raised in the UK. IT IS a Third World hellhole by comparison, and it only gets worse from there. With exceptions like Switzerland, the Seychelles, Kuwait if you can stand the religious bias, there's nowhere I'd favorably compare to here.

Any suggestion for the US needs to be considered as to its effect in the US legal and social system. That it works elsewhere proves nothing, nor does the fact that it works at all make it moral or appropriate for our society.



Dead on as always.

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